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Valentine’s Day Wreath

When I saw a Valentine’s Day wreath on Pinterest the other day I knew I need to make it for the front door.

Well, to my dismay there were no Christmas ornaments out at the thrift stores so I had to come up with a plan B – so down to the basement I went.

I found small purple Christmas ornaments and mardi gras beads – off to crafting.

I ran to the craft store to buy a heart shaped wreath – I ended up purchasing 2 small wound stick heart wreaths for $6.00.

WIN_20150204_111340 WIN_20150204_111344

Armed with a glue gun I started putting together the wreath.  I attached the two wreaths with zipties and then just started gluing.

I am pleased with the end result and think it looks great on the B&B front door.

What do you think?

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Valentine’s Day is approaching

I found this great idea on Pinterest today.

I can not wait to run to the thrift store this weekend to see if there are any ornaments left over from Christmas.  Fingers crossed.  I’ll let you know how it turns out.


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Outside ornaments

I decided this holiday season that the front of the B&B was missing something.  We hung the wreaths, the garland and the bows but it just needed something else . . .   Outside Ornaments.

So off to the thrift store we went (1 of my favorite places to go).  Norm found 2 large packages of ornaments – total cost $6
I added pine cones from the yard (actually our neighbors yard) and red bows – simple.

Last step – hang them from the porch.


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Holidays are here . . . already

Today I realized that I we have been so busy that I lost track of our blog.

We wish everyone a wonderful holiday season .

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Helpful hint from early American know-how

When I was at the Historical Society this past weekend, I came across a book “Eric Sloane’s DO a little book of early American know-how”  This book was full of helpful hints on everything from making old time toys to making ginger wine, however this entry I found so funny . . .

“DO take an air bath.  Benjamin Franklin rose each morning at daybreak, got out of bed and passed half an hour in his chamber without any clothes.  This, he said, refreshened as much as a complete bath in water.”


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The Queen Elizabeth transformation

This is The Queen Elizabeth Room before & after remodeling. anne before & after

The after photo shows the addition of the on suite bathroom – the bathroom in the hallway was removed along with the closets in the bedrooms to create the on suite bathrooms.

The radiator was removed and replaced with a dresser with a sink.

The walls were papered in a beautiful floral print wallpaper and floor length drapes were hung up.

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166 years later …

During my research on the Holbrook’s I came across their marriage license and marriage certificate.

The happy couple were married on July 8th, 1847.  This July it will be 166 years since their wedding.

How do you think we should celebrate?canvas

marriage holbrook

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Trip to the Cemetery

025While I was at the Historical Society last weekend I came across the information on where the original owners of the house we now call our B&B are buried.

Nathaniel and Mary Holbrook

Now most people probably wouldn’t find that excited but I did.  Next step was for my daughter Katie & I to take a trip to the Fairview Cemetery in Madison.

Good news – we had the Section #, Row # and headstone #

Bad news – there wasn’t a map of the cemetery

Once we drove around the cemetery & realized there wasn’t a map anywhere to be found – we just took a guess at the sections and parked.  Really how hard could it be to find the headstone.

Good news – we actually guessed the right section & parked fairly close to the headstone.

Bad news – it still took us an hour to find it.

Luckily Katie had her cellphone with her and she looked up the cemetery list on the internet.  Long story short – we finally found it.  We did walk past it several times but didn’t notice the name.

033I took the picture to the right to show you just how close we parked to the headstone.  That’s Katie standing next to the row we needed to find – and yes the tall headstone to the right is the one we were so desperately looking for.028 026


Updated Kitchen

Lucky for us the kitchen was completely updated.

The cabinets were removed and replaced with a great stainless steel exhaust.

The counter was extended and also raised to commercial height (3″ higher – it’s fabulous!!)

kitchen before001

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The blue door

A few more pictures of the remodel – I love the idea that the old front door was painted blue and the front door after the remodel is still blue.

In the before picture looking up the steps, you can see that the bathroom door was originally at the top of the stairs.  It was closed off to make an on-suite bathroom with the door in the bedroom.

(I believe the little girl is the granddaughter of the original owner of the B&B)

B&B front entrance003

B&B up the stairs004

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