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A look inside our B&B

166 years later …

During my research on the Holbrook’s I came across their marriage license and marriage certificate.

The happy couple were married on July 8th, 1847.  This July it will be 166 years since their wedding.

How do you think we should celebrate?canvas

marriage holbrook

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Trip to the Cemetery

025While I was at the Historical Society last weekend I came across the information on where the original owners of the house we now call our B&B are buried.

Nathaniel and Mary Holbrook

Now most people probably wouldn’t find that excited but I did.  Next step was for my daughter Katie & I to take a trip to the Fairview Cemetery in Madison.

Good news – we had the Section #, Row # and headstone #

Bad news – there wasn’t a map of the cemetery

Once we drove around the cemetery & realized there wasn’t a map anywhere to be found – we just took a guess at the sections and parked.  Really how hard could it be to find the headstone.

Good news – we actually guessed the right section & parked fairly close to the headstone.

Bad news – it still took us an hour to find it.

Luckily Katie had her cellphone with her and she looked up the cemetery list on the internet.  Long story short – we finally found it.  We did walk past it several times but didn’t notice the name.

033I took the picture to the right to show you just how close we parked to the headstone.  That’s Katie standing next to the row we needed to find – and yes the tall headstone to the right is the one we were so desperately looking for.028 026


The blue door

A few more pictures of the remodel – I love the idea that the old front door was painted blue and the front door after the remodel is still blue.

In the before picture looking up the steps, you can see that the bathroom door was originally at the top of the stairs.  It was closed off to make an on-suite bathroom with the door in the bedroom.

(I believe the little girl is the granddaughter of the original owner of the B&B)

B&B front entrance003

B&B up the stairs004

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A coat of paint makes all the difference

before & after b&bRenovation pictures –

These pictures show the outside of the house before and after.

The bottom picture is the house before a bright new paint job.

Several small changes were made to the exterior – obvious change was the color of the house – now the B&B stands out on the square.

A white rail was added across the front porch and stairs were removed from the left side of the front porch.

The large tree on the tree lawn has since been replaced by 2 smaller trees and the iron hand rail on the front steps has been replaced with a white hand rail.

Thanks to Vince & Michael (previous owners) for sharing their personal pictures of their renovation with us. 


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The Genealogy of 25 Park Street

Curious CatWhen Norm & I first saw the B&B, I fell in love with the house.

My fascination with the genealogy of houses began when we purchased our first home in the late 80’s.  The home had 1 previous owner – Betty & Gunner.  After we purchased the house, we found “treasures” in the attic.  Betty & Gunner had no children or relatives to take  their personal family items.  I learned so much about them through their pictures, letters, etc..

So when we bought the B&B I was intrigued to learn who owned the house before us.

Here’s a brief history of 25 Park Street, Madison

  • The land was purchased in 1823 by John Kellogg.
  • In 1861 the house was built by Nathaniel & Mary (Kellogg) Holbrook.  John passed down the land to his daughter after his death.
  • In 1881, after Mary’s death, the house was sold the Kirk Vanderlip.
  • The Behm’s were the next owners (not sure of the purchase year) – they owned it until 1966 when they sold it to the Oberly’s.oberly article
  • It was purchased by the Johnson’s in the 70’s.
  • The house was then purchased by Shirley Hardman.  Shirley ran “The Curious Cat”, a specialty clothing shop, from 1976-1989 in the first floor of the house.
  • Shirley sold the home to the Loparo’s in 1998 and it was transformed into the B&B.
  • We purchased the B&B in 2012.

When I’m in the house, I can’t help but think about the families that lived there.  I hope that all of the good memories are somehow ingrained in the house.


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