His Majesty's Bed & Breakfast

A look inside our B&B

The Queen Elizabeth transformation

This is The Queen Elizabeth Room before & after remodeling. anne before & after

The after photo shows the addition of the on suite bathroom – the bathroom in the hallway was removed along with the closets in the bedrooms to create the on suite bathrooms.

The radiator was removed and replaced with a dresser with a sink.

The walls were papered in a beautiful floral print wallpaper and floor length drapes were hung up.

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Updated Kitchen

Lucky for us the kitchen was completely updated.

The cabinets were removed and replaced with a great stainless steel exhaust.

The counter was extended and also raised to commercial height (3″ higher – it’s fabulous!!)

kitchen before001

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The blue door

A few more pictures of the remodel – I love the idea that the old front door was painted blue and the front door after the remodel is still blue.

In the before picture looking up the steps, you can see that the bathroom door was originally at the top of the stairs.  It was closed off to make an on-suite bathroom with the door in the bedroom.

(I believe the little girl is the granddaughter of the original owner of the B&B)

B&B front entrance003

B&B up the stairs004

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Fireplace Remodel

I love these pictures of the fireplace in the living room.  The before pictures shows the living room was originally white paneling, nothing special  The after picture shows such a dramatic change – The paneling was painted green (beautiful green in person) accented with gold.  The fireplace mantle was removed and replaced with a much larger mantle the previous owners had found while shopping for the remodel (which fit perfectly when put in place).  The new fireplace mantle extends to the ceiling and has a mirror in the middle.  This picture does not do it justice.  I will have to take new pictures that shows the detail in the mantle.

B&B fireplace beforeB&B fireplace after

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A look out the windows

 This is the before and after of the living room.  Even though the before picture doesn’t show much of the living room looked like you can tell just how much work went into the remodel.  The living room before was very plain and dated – the room after has been transformed into a Victorian living rooThe Living Roomm.B&B front windows

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